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Buh-bye turkey sandwiches. Reinventing leftovers for the best day-after feast ever.

Every year, on the day after Thanksgiving, Chef Justine hosts a poker party for all the friends she didn’t get to celebrate with the day before. This soup is always on the menu. It makes quick work of any leftover turkey, and it has a spicy kick that contrasts with the rich food consumed the day before.

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An Elegant Code for Your Thanksgiving Gravy

Matt leads the team of engineers who write the code that makes Sun Basket run. He knows how to do things like reverse a string using a recursive algorithm, and he can write FizzBuzz in several languages. (We have no idea what that means, but it sounds impressive.)  And he regularly slays his opponents in daily bouts of Words with Friends. Now, with Chef Justine’s help, Matt can add “awesome gravy maker” to his list of skills. 

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This really is the best way to cook a turkey


Our turkey recipe veers from tradition in several ways. First, we remove the backbone, and open the turkey so that it lies flat. If you’re feeling ambitious you can do this yourself, but do yourself a favor and get the butcher to do it instead. The flat shape has several advantages: the bird will cook faster and more evenly, it’s easier to carve, and because all the skin is on top, the meat is juicier and there’s more crisp skin in every bite.

Visit The Sun Times for ingredients and in depth instructions.

Skip a Trip to the Grocery Store and Save More Than Just Time

Cooking dinner was a challenge for many Sun Basket customers before they discovered our delicious, organic meal kits. No doubt, Sun Basket saves time and hassle.  But how does the price of a Sun Basket meal compare to the cost of shopping for the same ingredients at a grocery store?

Great question!  To see how Sun Basket stacks up, we timed and costed out a trip to a nearby market to shop for a Sun Basket recipe.  The Sun Basket meal cost $16.99 less!  But Sun Basket didn’t just save money - it saved the time of planning, driving to the store, and shopping, plus the waste of unused ingredients. See how shopping and cooking our salmon with tomatillo avocado salsa with jicama salad recipe compares to the ease of having Sun Basket delivered. You’ll be surprised by how much Sun Basket can save you.

Here’s how Sun Basket stacks up against the grocery store.


With Sun Basket, you can forget about deciding what to cook, researching recipes, and driving to multiple grocery stores to track down everything you need. And with our pre-measured ingredients, you get only what you’ll use, so you’re never stuck with food that will go to waste.

When you cook with Sun Basket, value comes in many forms - time, money and food waste.  It’s a wine-win-win!  

A Healthy Send-off to Summer: Fire Up the Grill on Labor Day

Make healthy grilling part of your game plan as you head outdoors for Labor Day. Burgers and steaks are obvious choices but lettuce, avocado, peaches, even watermelon take beautifully to an open flame. The advantages of grilling go well beyond flavor. There’s the pure pleasure of cooking outdoors, the lack of dirty pans (yay!), and the fact that many grilled foods don’t require added fat. This Labor Day, be sure to try grilling one of these healthy options.


Lettuce is for grilling:  Nectarines, watermelons, and avocados, too. Your grill is good for more than just cooking burgers and steaks. So much of our favorite summer fruits and vegetables , including corn, tomatoes, and even lettuce can be cooked over an open flame. Try Sun Basket’s grilled romaine salad with chickpeas and piquillo peppers and discover what you’ve been missing.


Flavor up: Dry rubs and marinades are a terrific way to boost the flavors of grilled foods. Play around with ingredients in your pantry. Use at least one of each of the following elements to balance the flavors. 

Fats—olive or other oils
Acids-vinegar or citrus juice
Salty/Sweet—Think beyond just salt and white sugar. Consider soy sauce, fish sauce, mustard, honey, and maple syrup.
Herbs/ Seasonings—fresh herbs, garlic, dried spices.


Keep fat in mind: Grilling is a naturally lean method of cooking that allows the hidden fat in meat to drain away, which means that lean meats tend to quickly dry out. Watch them carefully and move them indirect heat if they are cooking too quickly.